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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Q Center?

The Q Center, GHC is where students attending UConn can get help with Math, Finance, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, etc, all the quantitative courses.

Are appointments required?

  • No appointment is required to come to the Q Center.
  • You can just drop in anytime the Q Center is open.
  • But Making an Appointment is a good thing.
  • You will be sure of getting help if you make an appointment with a tutor.
  • To make an appointment, please email us at
  • Please include a phone number where the tutor can call you.

Is the Q Center free?

The QCenter is free to all UConn students.

It won’t cost you a dime!

Where is the Q Center?

The Q Center is located on the West Hartford campus in Room 307 in the undergraduate building, (that’s on the top floor of the”Cafeteria” building).

Q Center Schedule

You can find the schedule at this page

What should I bring to the Q Center?

Please bring

  • Your text book, class notes and calculators
  • Writing utensilsĀ and paper
  • Adequate time to get your questions answered

Can I get Q Center help Online?

The Q Center does not at present offer any online tutoring.

Can groups use the Q Center?

Groups of students can visit the center.

If a group of students have similar questions it would be a wonderful thing for them to all come in at once. If you want to do that, you might want to make an appointment to be sure the best person is present to help you although this is not necessary.

Can I do my homework in the Q Center?


Then if you get stuck on a question somebody will be right there to help.

Will my teachers know I use the Q Center?


In any case teachers are pleased that a student is trying to get help.

When you come in the Q Center staff will only ask your name and a few details for internal Q Center time keeping purposes.

Lost Property? I lost something in the QCenter

Mr Brockway at the Q Center will hold onto anything found in the Q Center for a few days.

After that the property will be handed into the business office in Room 201 of the undergraduate building.